Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanks, guys

Well, I've finished the eleven months of kaddish for my mother. Underestimating, we have twenty-two minyanim a week (which includes Shabbat mussaf, but none of the mussafim for other special days, or ne'ilah), four weeks in a month (an underestimate for ten of the eleven months), and eleven months. This comes to more than 968 minyanim. Vey'z mir. Why do I mention this? Because I don't think I was ever in a minyan that included ten people saying kaddish. In other words, kaddish is made possible by people who show up who aren't saying kaddish. Thank you, fellers.

In the past, I mostly davened at home except for Shabbat and yom tov. I'm now going to daven in shul more often. Not with the same sense of urgency as in the eleven months, but several times a week.

Thanks again.